Everyone has their thing in life, and baking and decorating cakes is ours.

We are those annoying people, that when asked what their hobbies are in life say ‘My work is my hobby’ and we truly mean it.

We sit there late at night scrolling endlessly on social media absorbing the current trends and techniques. We want to work with you to design a cake not just replicate another cakers work.

Our cake decorators backgrounds are in pastry so you know we not only talk the talk, but can bake the cake as well. We care about what is inside the cake. After all it’s what’s inside that counts, right?

We are a little geeky with tech as well, so have spent many a night putting together one of the best online stores. This is for those a little time poor that just want to get the job done. We understand we are excited about talking cake, but you may just want to get to the eating part.

Whatever the adventure you choose with us the end result will be pretty darn spesh!