No birthday is complete without a cake. After all, childhood memories are built on these sweetly frosted works of art. Even as grown ups we still reminisce over those popcorn filled train carriages and jelly swimming pool cakes our mothers (or sometimes even fathers) used to create. Women’s Weekly classics!

The moments we don’t remember (or choose to forget) are the stressful hours spent in the kitchen creating those masterpieces. The money spent, the bag after bag of ingredients you know you’ll never use again, and the many smarties being swept up off the floor months after the celebrations have come to a close. Not to mention how many tries it takes to actually get a cake to stand up if you don’t know what you’re doing. (Yes Piano Cake, I’m looking right at you!)

That’s where our services swan in and save the day. We put those hair pulling, late nights to bed (literally) and create an experience you’ll actually enjoy!

Birthday cake design has come a long way, tastes have matured and we have moved to more whimsical, classic styling for our celebrations. Drip cakes, naked cakes and beautifully frosted concoctions with delicate on trend decorations are huge at the moment. You can theme these cakes with fresh flowers, a fondant character or meringues and macarons that match your decorations. Oh, did we mention the flavours available? No butter cake packet mix. You can choose from flavours as decadent as salted caramel or dark chocolate raspberry or go for a classic chocolate or unbelievably delicious vanilla (made with real vanilla bean).

Want to go all out and get a cake that is truly unique, a fondant masterpiece? Whether it’s a football (or the mascot), a shoe box adorned with a replica of your favourite high heel or a cartoon character you love, we have you covered. We create the cake of your dreams, a centrepiece that will have the guests ohhhing and ahhing and that’s even before they have even sampled how delicious it is.

Extravagant cakes are fantastic for marking big milestone birthdays. The more tiers the better. You don’t get to celebrate these ones often, so make it count! Themed and customised we can create the cake of your dreams.

We also don’t want you forgetting to celebrate all those other (in between) birthdays as well. With our ‘Everyday Cake’ range and our 'One Cake, Two Ways' range we make every birthday worth celebrating, and now at a very affordable price. Dairy Free, Vegan and Gluten Free options are now available making sure everyone gets a piece of cake.


Everyday Cakes $50-$150 (Colours and design cannot be customised)

One Cake, Two Ways $150-$280 (Two Flavours to choose from- Buttercream frosted with restricted designs)

Fully Customised Cakes $300-$650 (Fondant iced and fully customised)


View our three ranges of Birthday Cakes Here.