How do I go about ordering a cake?


Step 1: Get your cake journey started by sending us an enquiry. We love talking all things cake so don’t be shy!

Step 2: We will send out a cake questionnaire. We want to know all about your event plans, what you’re hoping for and how we can help make it happen.

Step 3: Once we’ve received the questionnaire back, you will be sent a quote and/or given the option for a consultation.

Step 4: Come in for a no-obligation consultation and cake-tasting. (Yes, it’s most peoples favourite part of any event planning)


What does a cake consultation involve?


Based on your questionnaire responses there are two approaches.

A: The Customised Consultation

You want a unique piece? Let’s get creating!

Using your questionnaire responses we sketch up three pieces. Rustic, elegant, classic or modern, we take inspiration from your dress, flowers, venue or simply the vibe you’re wanting to create and shape the cake to suit. In the consultation we’ll construct a visual mock-up of the cake. We’ll talk colours, decoration or flowers, and flavours but most importantly you get to take home cake! This is the consultation for the creative type who wants a custom designed dream cake to call there own.

B: The ‘I Know What I Want’ Consultation

Fallen in love with a complete design already? A consultation can still be arranged to take that image and create a mock version to help you visualise both size and design and ensure in reality it will be what you want. Let’s talk flavours as well with our cake sample box.

Do you offer cake samples?


Yes, we most certainly do!

We offer take away cake tasting boxes which includes:

2 flavours of choice for $10.00 (which you will receive back on an order placement of over $340)

4 flavours of choice for $19.00 (which you will receive back on an order placement of over $500)

Cake samples can only be collected Thursday through to Saturday needing 3 days notice.

Pick from our cake list today!

When should I book my cake?


We do encourage all our clients to take there time when deciding on the perfect cake. We do however experience peak times given the nature of our work so planning in advance is sometimes necessary, although we have been known to pull a all nighter to create a last minute creation.

 As a general rule:

6months notice for Wedding cakes

4 weeks for other specialty cakes

Enquire today to check our availability.

I don't see any prices. How much do your cakes cost?


We do provide price brackets for all our cakes, but final price is determined by; number of servings, and the complexity of the cake design. Keeping in mind sometimes a smaller cake may cost more than a multi tier extravaganza, as it may have taken longer to create. A quick email is all it takes for you to receive a quote. Contact us today

I don't see a design I like. Do you customise or replicate designs?


We mainly specialise in customised work, so most of the designs you see on our website or social media have been created in store by our cake designers. Fill out our cake questionnaire today to get the process started.

Or alternatively we can replicate a design you may have already fell in love with.

I need a last minute cake. Can you help?

We do usually like 3 days notice, but give us a call today to see whether we can accommodate your request.

Do you offer Cake delivery?

Delivery options are available on Wedding cakes only.

For a quote please email:



What is the difference between a coffee and dessert sized portion?


A coffee sized portion is required when you are serving other desserts alongside the cake or you’re only needing a small portion to serve with coffee.

 A coffee portion is generally


A dessert portion is generally