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She’s purple. She’s FAB-ulous! Breezing in like a puff of purple cotton candy. A real retro Queen vibe here folks.

Not feeling the purple? The shame! No jokes we can totes change the colour scheme. Send us an inquiry and we can work our magic. Omg. Imagine her in a yellow or pink. Wait… all white with the bold flowers on top. Stop it!

Speaking of flowers. Don’t you go tossing that bunch as they are hand painted artificial forever blooms. Meaning, you can simply remove them from your cake and pop them in a vase. Look at you looking after the planet and being stylish in the process. Go you!

Choose the size that best suits your needs, the best part is you get the choice of 2 or 3 flavours. Each flavour is separated by a board for easy cutting as well. Yes, we have thought of it all. Definitely not our first cake rodeo. The taller 9 inch height cakes have an extra layer of cake. Yes, 3 flavour choices, I know!

Size in Picture:
6inch Diameter, Height 6inches

Need a little more help with sizes? Click here to see these up close.