Slightly Textured Cake- 3 Tiers

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Alright, cake lovers, gather ’round! Presenting our three-tiered wedding cake that’s more tropical than a vacation in Hawaii and smoother than your uncle’s dance moves. The frosting? Slightly textured, because nobody’s perfect, right?

Now, let’s talk flowers. We’ve got tropical blooms that change with the seasons. Think of them as the cake’s ever-changing hairdo. If you’re not vibing with our floral style or you’ve got a florist who owes you a favour, bring your own! We’re not picky.

Flavour time! Pick two from our cake menu. We’ll split them between the tiers, so every guest gets a taste of both. It’s like a cake buffet, but without the long lines.

In short, our cake’s got layers (literally) – it’s fun, it’s tropical, and it’s ready to party!

Size in Picture:
Top Tier: 6inch Diameter, Height 6inches
Middle Tier: 8inch Diameter, Height 6inches
Bottom Tier: 10inch Diameter, Height 6inches

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