Caramel Drip Semi/ Buttercream Cake- 3 Tiers

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Feast your eyes on our three-tier wedding wonder. The top two tiers? They’re rocking that trendy semi-naked look and are generously drizzled with gooey caramel. It’s like they got dressed and then decided to jump into a caramel pool.

Now, the bottom tier didn’t want to feel left out, so it’s fully decked out in frosting and flaunting a fancy 21K champagne edible gold rim. Talk about dressing to impress!

And because every cake needs a bit of greenery, we’ve wrapped it up with hand-wired olive branches in a halo style. It’s like a nature hug for our cake.

So, if you’re after a cake that’s got a bit of rustic, a splash of luxe, and a whole lot of yum, you’re looking at it. Let’s make your day deliciously memorable!

Size in Picture:
Top Tier: 6inch Diameter, Height 6inches
Middle Tier: 8inch Diameter, Height 6inches
Bottom Tier: 10inch Diameter, Height 6inches

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