The Cave (2 Tier)

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Inspired by those cozy hand built ceramic coffee mugs you just want to wrap your hands around and sip your hot chocolate from. Ganache finished with rounded edges and a hand piped lightly speckled pattern around the base. Creeping greenery for the win, giving an oh so natural look.

Don’t you go tossing that bunch as they are artificial forever foliage. Meaning, you can simply remove them from your cake and pop them in a vase or pot. Look at you looking after the planet and being stylish in the process. Go you!

Choose the size that best suits your needs. The best part is you get the choice of 2 flavours that we split throughout the tiers. 

Size in Picture:
Top Tier: 6inch Diameter, Height 6inches
Bottom Tier: 8inch Diameter, Height 6inches

Need a little more help with sizes? Click here to see these up close.